Anatomische Gesellschaft

Travel Grants Annual Meeting

Support can be provided to attend meetings, symposia, congresses and courses of the Anatomische Gesellschaft. Only candidates will be supported who participate actively in the meeting with a lecture or a poster presentation.
Preference will be given to postdoctoral fellows in their initial postdoctoral years or to MD/Ph.D - students in their final student years.
To be eligible for a grant, the responsible supervisor of the applicant must have been a member of the Anatomische Gesellschaft for at least one year at the moment of the submission of the application.
If not a student the candidate should be the author of at least one scientific publication in a peer reviewed journal.
Applications can be made for a contribution towards the travelling costs and the congress registration fees, but not for membership fees, and costs of social events.
Awards normally can be applied for two times a year with submissiondeadlines of 1 May (Annual Workshop) and 1 November (Annual Meetings). Applications can be made only for meetings that will take place at least three month after the submission of the application.

Applications must be accompanied by an abstract of the scientific contribution, together with a curriculum vitae, a list of publications and a separate letter of recommendation from the responsible supervisor.

A candidate can be supported more than once but the accumulated contributions of the Anatomische Gesellschaft are limited. Preference will be given to candidates who apply for the first time.

A refunding will only be made when the successful candidate has submitted the final account including the receipts and tickets to the secretary of the Anatomische Gesellschaft, together with a confirmation by the meeting organizer of the participation at the meeting.

Applications that are not successful will not be reconsidered at a later time.

Decisions about Travel grants will be made by the Board of the Anatomische Gesellschaft and will be based on scientific quality, basic necessity of the applicant and financial situation of the society.