Präparieren für Anatomen (Dissection for Anatomists)

The Präparieren für Anatomen (PfA, "Dissection for Anatomists") has been very popular since it was founded in 2000 and has become an established part of the Anatomical Society's training program. Experienced colleagues value this event as an important part of further anatomical training and as a platform for exchange and communication. For young anatomists, this event is the only one of its kind in the German-speaking world and therefore one of the few opportunities for further training in the field of dissection outside of their own institute. The Präparieren für Anatomen also offers the opportunity to meet colleagues from other anatomical institutes.

The PfA is primarily for young anatomists who want to learn new preparation methods or consolidate skills they have already acquired. The prerequisite for participation in this advanced training course is that at the time of registration at least 1 year of macroscopic dissection has already been taught and that a basic knowledge of anatomy is available. During the 3-day course, both familiar and new content will be demonstrated and further foundations will be laid through lectures.

As the event is offered in German, please see the German page for up to date information.