Research Highlights

26. March 2024
Ulm Anatomist honored with the Felix-Jerusalem-Prize

The German Society for Muscle Diseases has awarded PD Dr Alberto Catanese the Felix Jerusalem Prize, whose scope is to promote research in the field of neuromuscular diseases. The Ulm scientist PD Dr Alberto Catanese receives the first prize for his work on new transcription and mutation signatures in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis using innovative methods […]

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22. March 2024
Heidelberg scientists receive the "BIAL Award in Biomedicine" endowed with 300,000 euros

A team of scientists from Heidelberg has received a prestigious award for their groundbreaking discovery of how healthy nerve cells in the brain make contact with the tumor cells of glioblastomas and thus fuel the spread of these incurable brain tumors: The researchers from Heidelberg University, Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Research Center […]

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28. January 2024
Tgfbr2 expression in the neuroinflammatory retina

3D image of a GFAP (glial-fibrillary-acidic protein, green) -/GS (glutamine-synthetase, magneta)- positive, reactive Müller cell in the neurodegenerative retina. In situ hybridization for Tgfbr2 (transforming growth factor receptor 2, red) is shown. By combining in situ hybridization, immunofluorescence staining and 3D reconstruction, the research group of Prof. Barbara Braunger at the Institute of Neuroanatomy, University […]

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