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The Changing Face of FIPAT: Web publication of Terminologia Embryologica and Terminologia Neuroanatomica

FIPAT is pleased to announce that the latest version of Terminologia Embryologica [TE2] was published on February 21. Publication of Terminologia Neuroanatomica followed on February 23. Both are available on the open part of the Dalhousie section of the FIPAT website []. Both represent the official terminologies of the anatomical profession.

In the lead-up to this, the then current versions of Terminologia Anatomica [TA], Terminologia Embryologica [TE] and Terminologia Neuroanatomica [TNA] were made available to the IFAA member societies by means of a specialised Internet DropBox in early 2016. Responses were incorporated and TA, TNA and TE were all further reviewed and developed extensively.

Website publication represents a major milestone in the progress and development of FIPAT. Replacement of the book format by electronic publication is a central element of FIPAT strategy. Inevitably, the book format, while elegant and authoritative, entailed very long delays in revision and updating. By contrast, electronic publication has the key advantages of providing wide availability and of enabling responsiveness to feedback on terminology in close to real time. It enables frequent revision and updating. FIPAT organisation is geared to react rapidly to feedback, comment, criticisms and proposals through its structure; a specific working group is responsible for each Terminologia.

TE2 and TNA will be closely followed by TA2. The published terminologies are licensed under a Creative Commons International Licence of the CC BY-ND form.

John Fraher
Chair, FIPAT

24 February 2017

As always, please check the IFFA web site at for the latest information.

Respectfully submitted,
Stephen Carmichael
Vice President, IFAA

[Stellenmarkt] Update

An der Medizinischen Fakultät der Universität Zürich ist eine Assistenzprofessur für Morphologische Variabilität zu besetzen. Die Position ist auf maximal 6 Jahre befristet und am Institut für Evolutionäre Medizin angesiedelt (Direktor, Prof. Dr. Frank J. Rühli).

Mehr Informationen.

Information for international applicants.



Am Anatomischen Institut der Universität Bonn - Anatomie & Zellbiologie – ist zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt die Stelle eines Wissenschaftlichen Mitarbeiters zu besetzen. Informationen hier.

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2017 EFEM Travel Grants

The deadline for the application for the 2017 EFEM Travel Grants is on 1st of March. You can find additional information here.

9th ISCAA World Congress 2017, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria

The 9th ISCAA World Congress 2017 will be held in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria from 9th - 12th September 2017.

Go to for registration and submission.

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113th Annual Meeting in Rostock
25.-28. September 2018

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